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  Announcement of Candidacy to Seek the Democratic Nomination for President 



Bill McGaughey, a resident of Minneapolis and member of Minnesota"s Independence Party, is seeking the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in 2004. He intends to run a transformative campaign seeking not only the Presidency but substantial change in the nation's political culture and its approach to economic and social problems.

Bill's platform is summarized in "two ends": (1) an end to class warfare, especially practiced by the rich against working people, and (2) an end to the politics of gender and race (a dominant theme in Democratic politics since the 1960s).

The candidate's political credentials include authorship of important books on labor economics and international trade and a record of local activism with the Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee, a landlord group, which changed public attitudes toward housing and crime and contributed to the "regime change" which took place in Minneapolis government in the 2001 city elections.

In 2002, Bill McGaughey was a candidate for U.S. Senate in the Independence Party primary, embracing two issues: (1) federal legislation to achieve a 32-hour workweek by 2010 and (2) dignity for white males (and everyone else, too). He finished second in the primary with 8,482 votes, representing 31% of the total votes cast against the winning candidate's 49.5%.

While running for President in the Democratic primary, Bill remains a member of the Independence Party of Minnesota. He pledges to become a Democrat if he wins the party's nomination. Bill has reservations about joining the current Democratic Party so long as it appeals to voters mainly on the basis of gender and race. In his opinion, such politics have become socially toxic.

The purpose of his running for U.S. Senate in the Independence Party primary was to express a point of view which recognizes the growing discontent with the two major parties. Subsequently, he realized that his political ideal looked a lot like the Democrats in FDR's time. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, he thought it best to take his proposal to rank-and-file Democrats to see if they shared his views. Proposals for major change need to be aired as broadly as possible through electoral politics.

As automated production and free trade destroy American jobs, Bill McGaughey believes that the present career system cannot be sustained. As an alternative, he envisions an orderly transition to an economy that provides increasing leisure to working people and a trade system which promotes the same internationally. Bill believes that racial and gender divisiveness have sapped the political will to adopt such a bold program. He is the only Presidential candidate with a realistic long-term strategy to save jobs.

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