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Power of the Idea 

      All great works begin with an idea; it is visible only within someone's head. Then the visionary works on the idea. As others join in, the idea produces activities which everyone can see. This effort may lead to a new institution. The idea has become a structure within society. It has materialized.

It is that process to which Jesus may well have referred when he said: "The kingdom of God ... is like the mustard-seed, which is smaller than any seed in the ground at its sowing. But once sown, it springs up and grows taller than any other plant, and forms branches so large that the birds can settle in its shade." (Mark 4: 30-32)

This web site is about the genesis of an idea which is timely now. And what is the idea? It is about government and political power. It is about how to gather that power within one's own hands and reshape society to become what it ought to be, ending class warfare and the politics of gender and race.

Right now, the United States of America is the most powerful nation on earth. That power is held by elected officials beholden to an economic-financial-legal elite. Money is the force which holds political power in its hands. Yet, the power belongs ultimately to the people. If individuals can become united in any single course of action, they can do as they please.

Both major parties today are agents of the status quo. Both are beholden to moneyed interests. To keep political power in the hands of a few, the mass of people must be kept at each others" throats. Demonization of one's opponents and, ultimately, of ourselves is how the game of two-party politics is played. What vision is left of a good and healthy society? There is none. We are held in the grip of necessities created by leaders who may not have our best interests in mind.

This web site is meant to be a clearinghouse for discussion of ideas and actions related to reforming the political process and creating a better society. This is an invitation to take part in the process while it is still young. Get in on the ground floor of these new ideas when they are starting to bud. We can do it on a limited budget. Support Bill McGaughey's campaign for President.


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